What is the Deadliest Link Building Strategy?

Link building was popularized after Google established the websites containing a numerous links. Afterward when it became popular, various newly introduced quality sites were developed, who were expected to contain the most appropriate content in their subject matter. Nowadays, link building strategies have become a definite part of your search engine as far as marketing campaign is concerned. You should be aware of that it’s not just the number of links that is really important; it’s the quality of sites linking to you and the importance of their content to the audience that counts. With the increasing development of technology, various strategies are being made for link development some of which are as follows:

Firstly, while link building, you should ensure that your site should be listed in ODP (free) and should also include Yahoo! Express ($299 yearly). As the human editors screen for relevancy, the directory listings boost link popularity. You should provide a searchable database over 3000 specialty search engines where you can find search engines dealing with almost all topics.

Secondly, you should provide requests for reciprocal links. Whereas candidates are concerned, they search for appropriate links with the help of important keywords at important search portals. You will find a lot of competitors but you should look for complementary and non-competing sites. What you need to do is, screen these sites and select those that are accessible to your link request. You should provide them a convincing reason to link to your site which can help the candidates.

Thirdly, link building requires linkabilty within your site. You should provide quality resources and suitable outgoing links to search engines, weather reports, new hubs, industry resources and professional industry groups, etc. On the other hand, outgoing links are also important for two reasons: leads to improvement of your PR score and provides an incentive for other sites as they link to yours.

You can also provide business articles for your target audience, submitting the articles to a suitable online publication. You should include your website URL in the bio and make sure that the article contains it when it appears. This will help you generate many links and at the same time will enhance your future business. Apart from these strategies, you can create testimonial page of products and services that you want to recommend while link building. You can also supplement your campaign with reciprocal link software. You can also provide various links multiple sites, affiliated programs, awards and contests to make your site more popular.

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