Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King Wintergrasp Guide – WOTLK Strategy & Leveling Guides

The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp is another frozen zone in the Northrend continent. The big difference is that it’s a big lake to be exact with its great depth. Under the icy water of the lake, the water is churning in speed. The surface of the zone is believed to frozen solid and a character could walk into it and possibly they could even try to pull a push cart into the area. The water that runs under the lake is extremely cold that could suck the heat that is within the characters body out of him in just a click away. The lake is assumed to take an oblong shape with streams in the area. The Taunka and the Taurens are said to be capable of catching up the fish under the frozen ice of the lake water. The wind that passes the area is very dangerous that it could slash off a character. The zone of Lake Wintergrasp is found in the midst of the Icecrown Glacier, the DragonBlight, the Borean Tundra, and also the Scholazar basin. In the Northrend continent, it takes the largest body of water.

The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp is very unique since its only the sole zone that appears to be completely fanatical to the World pvp servers. At times, it also includes the player versus environment servers. The main focus of the zone is centered in the armory and warfare. It is also the foremost non-battleground on the WoW online World committed to the PvP action mode.

There will be only a single faction that is allowed to keep or mine which is based on a fixed and a rolling type of schedule. On the other hand, the opposite faction assaults the team. Both two factions will be fighting over their right to towers that are scattered all throughout the zone.

Quest offered by the Lake WinterGrasp Zone:
1. Quests types that require the character to travel a mount along with a notable character
2. Quests that needs to hold opponents at bay
3. Quests that are of airline craft styles
4. Quests that can hold multiple characters

In the midst of the Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp a priceless mine is keep. This treasure is being held in competition by the Alliance faction and the Horde.

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