Traits of Charismatic Leadership

Today’s world needs leaders who are willing and ready to stand for what they believe in. Charismatic leadership is what Alexander the great had. He was able to cross the Alps mountain with his soldiers. Nothing of the sort had happened before during this time. His followers had so much belief in their leader that whatever he told them, they faithfully followed.

Charismatic leadership is a trait that attracts peoples mind, body and soul.Some people are ready to die for their leaders. These leaders are known to value what the people feel and what they yearn for. These leaders are known to constantly re-innovate themselves with the aim of improvement. The trick is in understanding the environment that they are in. They are able to use their wit and skill to pass messages with both body and oral languages.

As a leader, one should create a unique identity of the group that distinguishes it from from others. As a result their followers can easily identify each other. One therefore has the feeling of belonging somewhere. The leader who has charisma is known to walk the talk. Most of the time, these leaders are known to take high risks for the people. Some have died in the fight for the will of the people to prevail.

Just like life, charismatic leadership has two sides of a coin. The bad side is that the leader can use the “hold” he has on people to manipulate them. Stalin and Hitler are classical examples of such leaders. These leaders have been known to elevate themselves above criticism. Even if they are wrong, no one dares challenge them.

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