Tips for Choosing a Security Guard Agency for Your Company and Practices to Minimize Risk

The modern socio-economic environment is one that is evolving on a seemingly regular basis, and with a notable rise in crime rates, it has become much more important for businesses and establishments to avail of security services from a reputed and reliable company.

With several security companies mushrooming on a regular basis, potential customers might find it a tad bit difficult to zero in on the one which would be the best for them. Each and every security guard company brings its own set of characteristics and features to the table, and this guide will help you cut through the clutter and get the very best there is. So, let’s get started.

The security guard agency should be reputed and experienced.

When it comes to selecting the right security agency for your company, one of the first things that you must keep an eye out for is the market reputation that the company possesses. When it comes to achieving exceptional security services, online forums and websites would prove to be your best research spot, and here, you can look at the reviews, testimonials, and calibre that the agency possesses.

Moreover, security agencies that have been engaged in the business for a pretty long period of time would hold in-depth knowledge about the various nitty-gritties of the trade, and to that end, working with such a security guard agency

certainly makes sense.

Verify whether the security guard agency possesses the necessary certifications and licenses:

Once you have crafted a shortlist of the best business and event security services based on the previous pointer, you must verify whether they and their personnel, possess the requisite licences and permits. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, also referred to as PSARA, is a federal law that regulates the entire sector in the country, and it is important for individuals to verify the presence of such licenses and permits before onboarding any security services agency.

Moreover, PSARA recommends the training and certification criteria that must be followed, so keeping track of such activities makes sense as well.

Take note of the attrition rates of the guards:

It is a reality for security companies in India that the attrition rates that they face are pretty high, and what this means is that guards are often rotated due to operational reasons. As a business owner, this can prove to be particularly difficult to deal with on a regular basis. Before onboarding a particular security guard agency, check for their attrition rates, and once you find one that sports a favourable figure, you can consider going ahead with it.

Check whether the agency provides tailored or customizable services or not:

The modern business environment calls for extensive specialization at a never-before-witnessed scale, and what this means is that security services must be able to provide customized services that can address the unique needs that each business might possess. A business that’s operating a warehouse in a remote location would have pretty different security needs and requirements from one that’s based out of a bustling metropolis.

Have a proper conversation with the company representatives regarding the services that they would be providing, and whether they would be well-suited to your exact requirement before putting the money down on the table.

Go through their portfolio of equipment:

In a tech-based environment, human capital plays only a certain part of the overall security process, and the advanced gadgetry that security companies can bring to the table is essential as well. For businesses, surveillance plays a major role, and security agencies that pack the best hardware to do just that should certainly be higher up on your list.

If the nature of your business involves high-value goods like jewellery or chemicals, you might want to go for armed guards, and the firepower that each business and event security services bring to the table in that respect would play an important role as well.

Round-the-clock customer service systems can make a huge difference:

Security threats don’t follow working hour schedules, and thus, they can arise at any time, and in certain situations, out of virtually nowhere. By working with security agencies that provide 24/7 support, you can be assured of the fact that you would be getting each and every support that might be needed in case of an emergency, and a company that is known for exceptional customer service is one that you must strongly consider.

SLAs are key!

SLA, or a Service Level Agreement, is a contract that is signed between two commercial parties regarding the services that would be provided, and once you have zeroed in on any particular security services company, generating the SLA is critical.

This is a contract that would list out each and every service that the security companies would be providing, the manner in which the responsibilities would be executed, and everything in between. We decided to place this pointer as the ultimate on this list as this usually takes place after the shortlisting process has been completed.

Final take:

Business and event security services have evolved to be a ubiquitous part of the global economic landscape, and there are a plethora of companies in India that can provide you with the services that you need. These pointers should help you select one that would be appropriate for your business and operations, thereby helping you in more ways than one.

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