Starcraft 2 Guide Protoss Chronozeal Strategy

I wanted to put together this Starcraft 2 Protoss guide on Chronozeal because it is very simple to execute, fast to achieve and can be very devastating making it perfect for new Protoss players.

The strategy involves getting three gates up as fast as possible and building an assimilator for gas as well.

You will want to constantly pump out Zealots while Chrono Boosting the gates will allow you to mass a large group in a very short period of time.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Zealots you Will want to make sure to time your attack with the completion of Charge research.

The added distance provided by already attacking Zealots allow them to surround enemies very quickly making it impossible to dance around them. Zealots toughness and high attack damage make this SC2 strategy very effective for beginning Protoss players in Starcraft 2.

You could also add a couple sentry’s i a variation of this Chronozeal strategy to minimize damage to your Zealots and also adding the ability to trap enemies with Force Field.

Those dealing with the Chronozeal strategy can counter attack with a couple approaches such as Mass Roach, well defended choke points and Marine and Marauder balls with a few Hellions.

Protoss is fast becoming one of my favorite races in Starcraft 2 as I have been spending time following a great SC2 Strategy guide to try out all three races in the early stage of the game to find my favorite before committing to just one race.

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