Listen to Your Daydreams, Authorize Them to Ignite a Blaze of Creation or Innovation

Listen to your daydreams, authorize them to ignite an ember for a blaze of creation or innovation to your existence. Ignite your innate fire from within. Make your daydreams your reality! I enjoy sandwiches, on-the-go, and I am grateful to the people or person that invented a novel way of eating a complete meal with convenient and edible packaging. It is as natural as running water to make things easier for ourselves, especially if we listen to the silent voice that sends us vibes or helpful insight into what we should expect in a given situation, or, how we can be better prepared, especially, if we listen to the vibration,or the feeling in our sub-conscious mind.

Ever felt the vibe, or vibration, in a room, filled with students taking an exam or playing musical instruments in a jam session? The studying students are concentrating and raising the conscious level of focus, in the room, and you can’t help but walk around with an inclination to focus and become more alert and serious. Listening and feeling the vibe in a music class is so inviting. Sometimes, out-of-the-blue, a really nice song gets written,or the harmonies and melodies are ripe and ready for the lyrics to complete the newly infused creation There’s so much to say about the vibrations in a room. Vibrations are the frequency feeding your imagination and reality, to vibe, is being sync with something that brings you a serene, pleasant feeling with the flood gates of serotonin, in your brain, making you relaxed, calm and happy.

Sometimes the creative process of music and song-writing can compare to the feeling of running your own company or kingdom. Imagine yourself as the king of your own kingdom, or perhaps the president; of which planet, or of which nation, or of which reality? Allow your own imagination to flourish; happily infused by your daydreams or creative thought process. Glide and flow, with the timing, and in synchronicity. Watch things unfold organically without preparation or planning.

Embrace your part in all that is essential for your happiness; surround yourself with good people from every class of life; family; friends; supportive friends; co-workers; good books and put on a nice demeanor for yourself and for everyone else to enjoy.

The Frequency that you set forth, by your intention by action, is the frequency that will return to you; like pulling a massive rubber band. It will always come back to you with the same urgency and frequency that you sent out into the universe. Be aware of the gravitational pull that you release; remember, gravity also desires a fair and balanced existence.

Live and lead others, by example, you by own actions and lived adventures on earth; allow yourself to enhance every aspect of YOUR OWN LIFE. Be an active participant in all the vibrations that you wish to receive. Do your own cultivation,discovery and wording, spend the time to write your own song, article or rhyme.

Like gravity,be the exclusive and personal representation of the manifestation that you alone chose to receive from the universe, without copy, or imitation. Karmic law is in full-effect, whether you choose to believe or not, it will take place anyway, the decision to live a life of truth and honesty, in your own words and work, remains strictly upon your own shoulders. It’s an easy choice to make, don’t vacillate in your choices, or tempt your fate.

You can help others do things in their own ability; by your own lifestyle; Live well; set the example of how you engage the game of life. Other people will see you and your life-style choices and they too will choose: JOY; LOVE; EXCITEMENT, AND MORE Happiness, by watching you display, your vibration, in the process of witnessing you living your life in goodness and honesty. Live an honest life and engage in your own purpose by living productively, you can easily thrive, throughout the process, by your acceptance to learning from your mistakes, and by learning new lessons that you receive throughout your life journey.

When listening to your daydreams, you will authorize new discoveries about yourself, about others and about your own hopes, joys and getting closer to realizing your dreams.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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