Innovation in Patent Research Outsourcing

During the last few years, the attention of people involved in competitive, market and technological intelligence has been focused on the patent research. It has been already well recognized that, patent research and intelligence is very essential for companies to sustain in the current highly competitive market. India has been the prime destination for many top level global firms, who are involved in outsourcing a larger set of their critical works of all levels to India. Success stories in software changed perceptions of India across the globe.

India is emerging as a patent research hub for technologies geared to the Third World. This progress has been evident in the emerging of lots of Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firms in India. Dolcera is one of the emerging firm, which has developed highly interactive and customize online dashboards for management of large set of patents. This dashboard is currently being used by several Fortune 500 companies in consumer electronics, medical devices and consumer packaged goods industries. Patent data is used extensively for competitive research and for innovation within companies. This data is shared between R&D, marketing, business development and executive teams for a variety of reasons. Online IP dashboard helps in better sharing of the patent analysis across the different division of the firms.

As the patent filing is increasing every day, there is always a need for more research and innovation in the patents domain. Automation of patent analysis, equivalent of human analysis is one of the white space, where a lot of new innovation is desirable.

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