Brain Cap for Creativity – Hmm, Now That’s an Innovative Idea and Creative Concept

Last month there was a very good article in one of the major scientific magazines, the kind you find on the shelves at the book stores with articles geared towards the general public. The article talked about a special device that you could place over your head which had electrodes in it and those electrodes would stimulate the left side of your brain, while un-stimulating the right side. This would cause your brain to use more of its creative abilities rather than its analytical attributes.

For someone who is highly into the creative field, this could be a godsend to help them overcome writers block, or get the creative flow going at an extremely high rate. In other words, not only would the individual have the blood flow to that part of the brain, but the neurons would fire continuously also. As the coordinator for a think tank which operates on the Internet, this sounds like an incredible concept to me. However, it also seems rather scary, because there is a whole lot that can go wrong, and since it hasn’t been tried before, there could be complications and unwanted long-term mental health effects.

The last thing you want to do is to screw with your brain, and that’s the last organ you’d want to have any major problems with. Would I personally use something like this? Well, this topic did come up when I was discussing it with an acquaintance. The answer is yes, I would use it after others had tried it first, and there were some long-term studies done. Yes, I am also one that does not like using a cell phone, because I don’t believe flooding my brain with microwaves is actually such a hot idea. In other words, I don’t wish to cook my brain today.

Next, it would be interesting to me to challenge someone that was using the thing to see who could be the most creative. In other words, could they keep up with my creativity if they were wearing the cap? And, I wondering if someone who had their neurons stimulated on the left side of their brain is the one that came up with this creative concept in the first place. After all you have to admit this is a very innovative idea, and a nice creative innovation.

My only question is; is it safe to use. Now then, my fears may be overstated, and it may be perfectly okay, but alas, I don’t want to be the first guinea pig to try it. I suppose others are trying it in the lab, and they have come to the conclusion that this brain cap works very good for stimulating creativity. But if you put the cap on the other way, it might also stimulate Mathematicians to figure out problems that could not be solved by humans previously using the right side of the brain instead.

Today, I give you more questions than answers, but that’s what I’m good at, creative people always come up with the best questions. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this, and put your thinking cap on early and often.

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