Attributes Of Leadership: Willingness To Accept Responsibility

Have you ever joined a company only to find later that your upline or team lead had no idea what they were doing and when things went sour no one not even the president of the company would accept any responsibility for it? If this has happened to you, you have discovered the reason why an important attribute of a leader is their willingness to accept responsibility.

Any company that wishes to be successful and last for years to come has to accept responsibility for making this possible. The weight of the task should not rest of the followers but rather on the leadership because an effective leader will understand the importance of their role.

A leader is someone who will guide their followers to success, so in the online business world what does this mean? Well, to put it simply it means that the leader’s goal should be to create new leaders. The problem we face today however is that too many leaders do not want their followers to become leaders because they prefer them to stay customers.

If you are constantly looking for the right way, you are going to keep spending money until you find it. This is just good business. (Or so they say)

However, a great leader assumes full responsibility and because of this they work hard to ensure your success. Their goals are your goals and helping you reach your goals.

Let me ask you a question, would you rather have a leader who took responsibility for his team, who did coaching calls with his team, who did one on one meetings with his team? Would you want a leader who firmly believed in you and was willing to work with you for as long as you were willing to be worked with?

Or, would you prefer a leader who never accepted responsibility for his followers or for anything. Who always put the blame on you for your failures and told you that you just didn’t try hard enough or you just didn’t put in enough time or call enough people, or spend enough money on advertising.

Which type of leader would you want to have if you had your choice?

The type of leader you would want says a lot about the type of leader you are or will be.

Never lose site of the fact that people are people with hopes and dreams and goals. They are looking for someone who can show them the right path and the person who does will be a leader in their eyes and will continue to follow this person (possibly you) for years to come.

Ask yourself what type of leader do you want to be?

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